VA ROCKS is straight, uncompromising rock ´n´roll, covered in the best punk rock elements. Rough guitar riffs, hard drums, steady bass and a voice that will knock you out.
The band is heavily influenced by bands like AC/DC, Ramones and The Runaways.
At the age of 12 and 13 in 2006 the girls formed a band to escape the boredom in their small swedish town. Since then VA ROCKS has done among hundreds of live shows supported bands like Sator, The Poodles, Bonafide & The Headlines, played Swedish festivals like "Sweden Rock Festival", "Putte i Parken" and "Malmöfestivalen" and played shows in Czech Republic & Germany. In 2014 the band released the self produced "KISS THIS EP".

After ten years of live shows these twentysomethings are ready to hit the streets with their debut album "Pull no punches" will released on 25th november at MetalSpiesser Records.

About "Pull No Punches"
These 10 songs are more than just an album, it’s a story, a story about three girls who wanted to break out from a small town where dreams go to die. Tired and sick of boredom these three girls formed more than just a band, they formed a guerrilla, ready to attack the world with “pull no punches” rock n roll.

Singer Ida: "The making of the album was like a rollercoaster but it was the greatest rollercoaster ride we've ever been on"


+46 (0) 707 584373

Photo by: Alexander Hanke (Real Music e.V)